What Goth Has Looked Like Through the Ages

Goth is one trend, movement, whatever you want to call it, that has been around for ages now. It originated from the punk movement in the 70’s, and grew to become it’s own culture with many subcultures within it.

When most people think of the word goth, the first image that comes into their mind is something similar to Morticia Addams. Unfortunately, media has portrayed the goth subculture as a bunch of satanists who like to wear black, basically. What many don’t understand, is that being goth is actually a way of life for many. Not all goths fit into the same mould, every goth is different. This culture actually has a rather rich history, and this video shows one of the major aspects of it: fashion.


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Makeup geek, writer, and musician from New Delhi, India. Pretty much in a constant mood of casual existential despair, but hey, I’m trying to make the best of it x

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