The Grown-Up, Posh Goth Look

At the not-so-tender age of fifteen, I was going through the typical teenage angst and rebellion (which has now just turned into plain disdain for most people) and looking for my identity, as we all are. And then, one summer afternoon, when I clicked on a YouTube link that my friend sent me, I was introduced to the world of metal music. Needless to say, I had found my identity, right then and there. Call me a cliche, but that music spoke to my angry, confused soul in a way no one ever had. And so, within a short span of time, I found myself completely immersed in the genre and soon, it’s fashion, beauty and aesthetics too. I made sure to never leave the house without raccoon eyes and half my hair covering my face, a disdainful expression for the world, and layers and layers of uncoordinated black clothing items. I started learning how to play the drums, blasted death metal and begged my mom for a tattoo. You know, typical teenager stuff.

Over the years, I started gaining interest in make-up and fashion. I learnt how to perfect a winged liner, artfully execute a contour that slays, and over-line my lips just the right amount. I read Vogue like it was my Bible, and learnt to stay away from clashing prints and never show my Crocs the light of the day. Or night. Basically, never wear them. You get the idea.

And so, like a baby Charmander eventually evolving into Charizard, I finally found my style: the grown up, everyday posh goth. My eyeliner is thick enough to smolder, but my wings are sharp enough to cut those who cross me. My clothes are pretty much all black-to reflect my dark soul, of course- but styled in a way that they are on-trend and on-point, with just right pops of color.My glasses are black reflectors, but aviators, of course- the quintessential cool girl sunglasses. My bag is brown and red-very steampunk goth- but also has a little brand name called Coach emblazoned on it. I don’t particularly follow a certain style of goth. If I really needed to label it, I’d have to say that I lean towards nu-goth/posh goth, more than anything.

Recently, this style has been taking over, both on and off the runways. Basically, the idea is to wear lots of black and look hardcore- but fashionably, of course. And so, I decided to bring you all my version of the grown-up, everyday posh goth.




Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Jack and Jones

Chokers: Accessorize

Bag: Coach

Boots: Forever 21

Jacket: Lika Rulla

Pants: Promod


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Makeup geek, writer, and musician from New Delhi, India. Pretty much in a constant mood of casual existential despair, but hey, I’m trying to make the best of it x

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