Foundation Brush vs Make-Up Sponge: The Great Debate

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So, when I started getting interested in make-up, I turned to YouTube videos to educate myself. A simple search popped up thousands and thousands of search results, ranging from “Everyday Simple Glam”, to “My Prom Make-up”, to “Kim Kardashian Make-Up/Transformation Look”. It was very over-whelming at first, but slowly and steadily, I started to get the hang of it. From each and every binge watch session, I had one take-away, one piece of advice that all “beauty-guru’s” and make-up artists, regardless of age, gender, and geographical area gave out- your make-up tools are just as important as your make-up products. And now, after experimenting and playing around with make-up for a good two years, I can confidently say that this piece of advice is golden.

If you’re starting out in make-up, you can tend to feel a little over-whelmed when it comes to picking out your tools. I get it! There is so much available in the market today, you don’t know what, or rather how, to pick and choose.

Thus, I thought of writing a series of posts where I help all my readers select the right item, product or tool for them-whether it be in the realm of fashion or beauty. So, let’s kick off this series with one of my favorite make-up products-foundation!

Foundation is probably one of the most important things to get right. After all, it is a “base” for the rest of your make-up. I am not particularly partial to a specific type of tool- I own multiple make-up sponges and brushes both, and I use them equally. For me, it all depends on two factors- the amount of time I have to do my make-up, and the kind of finish I want. I don’t like using my fingers at all, simply because I find that it tends to be really messy, and extremely hard to blend product and obtain a non-cakey  finish with my hands. (Disclaimer: I know that a lot of people swear by their fingers to apply foundation. This is just my personal preference and opinion!)

So, on one hand, we have make-up sponges. Make-up sponges have been used for a long time now. The most common shapes that were available were square and circular sponges. And then came the tool that revolutionized make-up application-the BeautyBlender. The BeautyBlender is everyone’s baby, and rightfully so- it is easy to use, and a multi-purpose tool. You can use it to blend any and all cream or liquid products, ranging from foundation, concealer, blush, to bronzer too! And now, keeping in line with recent trends, it is the preferred tool for “baking”, or “cooking” your face too. There are all kinds of make-up sponges available in the market now, but that’s a whole different post altogether. PS-bra inserts and socks are not a good alternative for make-up sponges. I don’t care what anyone says.

A sponge gives you a flawless application, and can be used for almost everything. An egg-shaped sponge, like the BeautyBlender, can easily get into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. It also tends to sheer out foundation a bit, because it absorbs product-it is a sponge, after all. So, stay away from the sponge if you’re a full-coverage diva like Jeffree Star. Also, they need to be replaced quite often-so it’s not very environmentally friendly.

And on the other hand, we have foundation brushes-ah yes, the good ol’ foundation brush. From the paint brush to the duo-fiber, right up to the kabuki, the foundation brush has been improved upon and varieties expanded multiple times over. It is usually the first tool make-up newbies reach for to apply foundation, simply because it is the most familiar one.

A brush is pretty much the fastest way to apply foundation. You don’t have to slap yourself in the face a hundred times to apply your foundation, as is the case with a sponge. It doesn’t sheer out foundation, and you can easily build coverage. This has a flip side, though. A brush tends to concentrate product, so remember to start out with a little bit of product and build up. You also have more control over your application, compared to a sponge. Moreover, brushes are quite versatile, and ideal for blending cream or powder products. Unfortunately, you’ve got to save up for a good brush-they’re pretty expensive. If you don’t buff properly, it can leave streaks, and if they’re cheap, stray hairs on your face as well. Not a good look.

In my make-up routine, I always tend to mix up my tools. I use a sponge for foundation (shout out to all my sheer-to-medium coverage beauties!), brush for concealer and powder, and then I grab my sponge again to bake. So, there is no clear winner-different tools are great for different products. It all comes down to personal preference!

Here is a little cheat sheet I created , for a quick lowdown:


What is your favorite make-up application tool? Let me know in the comments below.

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