Dubai Vlog Part 1

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a really long time, but right now I am going through a pretty shitty patch in life. Unfortunately, I had completely broken my ankle last month and needed major surgery, and now I am recovering- so I’ve been pretty busy with that. But, I am finally back!

I know that earlier on my YouTube channel, I had spoken about putting up this vlog, and I really apologize for it coming up so late, as I was facing a lot of editing issues. But, now it’s finally out so I hope you all like it!

Plus, this is only part one! I had an amazing vacation jam-packed with so many activities, so I had quite a lot of footage and decided to split it up into three parts for convenience. This was my first time vlogging as well, so that was another new experience too!

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See you soon x


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