Making a Spring Statement

Hi, my loves!

It’s been a while since I did a fashion post for you all. A little-known fact about me- beauty is my passion, but fashion has always been my first love.

I’m currently dying under piles of work since it is my last semester of college right now (I’ll be a graduate come May- how weird is that?!). So, I apologize for last week when I was unable to post. Rather than just putting up sub-par weekly posts, I prefer to put out quality content, and that just wasn’t possible last week. Quality always trumps quantity for me, and I continue to try and bring my best work to you guys.

Well, back to today’s post. Spring is finally upon us, but in India, we don’t really have spring- rather, we just jump into the hot and unbearable weather that we have to deal with for nine months straight. The brutal summers here are definitely part of the reason why winter is my favourite season.

But thankfully we have one month this year which feels remotely spring-y, and so I immediately thought of doing a spring-related post. I scoured the collections, and picked up a few statement pieces that I felt would really add on to your look and wardrobe. Now, I’ve tried to keep one thing in mind when picking them out- the everyday woman should be able to wear them and confidently carry them off. Some looks are better left at the runway, but if you’re a fan of rocking the runway looks on the streets- more power to you! You do you, boo.

The pieces below are quite wearable, yet they make a statement. One rule of thumb I keep in mind while rocking statement pieces is that I keep the rest of my outfit simple. I try to wear very few pieces and layers, and I keep my overall look as minimalistic as I can. I might rock a bold lip, but that’s about it. The whole point of a statement piece, in my opinion, is to keep that at the centre of your look and build the rest of your outfit around it. Celebrate the piece, and don’t clutter it up. Trust me, in some cases, there really isn’t a method to the madness.

Spring Statement Pieces

Which piece was your favourite out of all these? Are there any statement pieces in your wardrobe that you’re currently rocking? Let me know in the comments below.
See you all very soon!
Khanak x

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