BFF’s Do My Makeup!

Hi, my loves!

For this week’s post, I thought I’d do another YouTube video. I had originally planned a really cool look (hint: it involves black lipstick!) but before I had a chance to record that, my friends and I randomly decided to film this video. We were having a sleepover, and the idea of them doing my makeup came about. We thought it’d be super funny, because I’m like the “makeup guru” of our group, and I’ve been helping them out and teaching them a thing or two about applying makeup.

Oh, and they decided to use their own products on me too. Yes, including foundation. So safe to say, the final look was rather… interesting.

A tiny warning before you watch the video- there are some major laugh attacks in it, and we’re pretty weird. Oh, and there are a bunch of “oh, shit”‘s and random screaming, so please prepare your ears for that.

I hope you all really enjoy the video! Come, hang out with me and my friends x

See you guys very soon!


Khanak x


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