Unboxing the Sugarbox: “A Parisian Summer” Edition

Hi, my loves!

Now, I’m not one for subscription boxes and have always been quite iffy when it comes to trying them out. I’m someone who likes something super-curated, and I should potentially be able to appreciate and make use of every single thing I receive.

The only “subscription box” I was into for a bit was the FabBag, but soon enough I got a little bored, not every product was to my taste or my skin type, and eventually, the products just started piling up in a corner. So you can surely understand my apprehension when I decided to invest in the Sugarbox. Oh, and yes, I bought this with my own money- SugarBox doesn’t even know I exist, haha. Although, hmm… receiving free stuff (that I would have the freedom to give my absolute honest views on) doesn’t sound too bad!

Okay, enough with these flights of fancy, and let’s get into the April 2018 “A Parisian Summer” edition. This company sends out curated boxes every month with a specific theme, and you don’t get to know what the contents are until you receive them- so it’s basically like a surprise gift to yourself, which I think is super cute. The contents include some handpicked fashion, beauty, skincare, food and lifestyle products. While most of their boxes are curated towards women, they do carry a few boxes for men as well, which I think is really great. You can also have a look at previous boxes and if you think those items would totally be up someone’s alley, you can gift them a box too.

They have annual, bi-annual, quarterly and monthly subscription plans. So, to give it a try, I signed up for the month of April, the “Parisian Summer” edition. My SugarBox cost me (INR) ₹1,499.

So I live in New Delhi and this Sugarbox took quite a while to reach me. I believe they ship their boxes out in the last week of the month (in my case, April) but I received this box just this Friday- which was the 11th of May. So, it was quite a long wait, but after exchanging a few e-mails with customer care, they assured me that the package had been shipped from their side, and the delivery service (in this case, FedEx) was in charge at that point. So, all I could do was patiently wait.

Finally, on the evening of 11th May, I came home to my SugarBox! Without sparing a single moment, I quickly grabbed my scissors and got to work.

This is what you get when you first open the package!

Ta-da! The box was beautifully packaged and very pleasing to look at. The ribbon was definitely a nice touch.

The “Bonjour” bag that immediately caught my attention!
A little comparison with my hand so that you guys can get an idea of how big it is

The “Bonjour” bag was clearly a little too big to fit into the standard-sized box, so it was the first item I laid my eyes on- and I love it! It’s super cute, and I actually speak very decent French, so I love anything with French on it. Thus, this unboxing was off to a wonderful start, and I couldn’t wait to jump in and see what other surprises were in store for me.

Oh, and when I opened the box, on top of all the wrapping lay a sweet note from the SugarBox team as well.


So, the first item I laid my eyes upon when I opened the SugarBox was this super cute jewellery box, which had “pretty little things” written on it! I found the magnetic clasp to be very secure, and when I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of space there was in it- and I loved that there was a separate rack at the top to place rings in as well. The print inside was really cute, too!

This was the first item I saw when I opened the box
It turned out to be a jewellery box! (and a super cute one at that)

The next items I came across were a very pretty melon-coloured bag (that would go great with a flowy sundress) and a bottle of sunscreen- which I really appreciated since I have an upcoming trip to Goa next month.


PS: I’m not the biggest fan of whitening creams, but other than that, I think this item really added on to the “summer” part of the theme.

When I unzipped the bag, I was pleasantly surprised with a bunch of goodies inside as well.


The first item I came across inside was a longer strap that I could attach to the bag in case I wanted to just put it on my shoulder or sling it across my torso. It’s a simple clasp, and very functional, too.


The next two items were a truffle chocolate from the brand Kaprika (yum!) and a very pretty, thin belt, which again, is super functional especially when you want to cinch something in and give some more shape to an item of clothing. The apple-red colour with the silver accents is a very fresh and light look, perfect for summer.


The next item inside was a tiny little paper envelope with a little heart sticker on it- it’s really the little things that count! That is something that I was very pleased with, as a customer.

Inside was a gorgeous pair of grey velvet heart-shaped earrings with a gold base and tiny little “diamonds” for the lobes. Not a complete statement piece, but it is definitely an interesting accessory that surely adds a little something on to your look.

The final item was an off-shoulder lavender top which was unfortunately completely scrunched up. The fabric was quite thin, and I don’t think the top is very high-quality, so it felt a little cheap to me. In terms of colour and design, I quite like it. Not my style at all, but keeping in mind the theme of the box, I think it’s a good pick.


Overall, I was pretty happy with my Sugarbox. Keeping in mind the theme, it was wonderfully curated, and most of the items appealed to me- and I’m a very picky person. One thing I wish they’d keep in mind is keeping the accent colours the same throughout the box. I know it’s a tiny detail, but a detail nonetheless. The belt had a silver accent, while the bag and the earrings had gold accents. If all the items had silver/gold accents, the box, overall, would’ve been much more cohesive.

Will I invest in another SugarBox again? Yes. It’s a good price, and I think I’ll go for one of the previous boxes so that I can know what I’m getting because I’ll know I’m going to be using and liking everything.

If you’re interested in a subscription box, I recommend you give this one a try! You can buy one from the Sugarbox website.

Do you have any subscription boxes/services you love? Let me know in the comments below!



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19 thoughts on “Unboxing the Sugarbox: “A Parisian Summer” Edition

  1. This is such a fun subscription box, love the idea that it contains a range of different items rather than just makeup/skincare. I think its super cute how they have a different theme, feel so tempted to treat myself to one! That jewellry box is so so pretty x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s a good one !! Infact there are many items curated in the box ! I did try VanityCask april subscription box! Not bad though! Had a few couple of things which I loved! You can check that out too on their site !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha even I was on the lookout for cosmetics but unfortunately there were none in this edition 😦
      The jewellery box does have the little pillows, right at the top when you open it. It’s those thin yellow rows! x


    1. Oh really? I didn’t know that! Subscription boxes have the potential to be pretty great, in my opinion (provided you find the right service for you, of course). How come there aren’t any available at all?


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