Melodramatic Purple is Back And It’s Taking Over!

We all remember the charm and awe of Millennial Pink, beauty’s hottest colour (hello, Glossier!) followed by Gen-Z yellow, which took over the runways this summer. Ah, I remember being bombarded with that light pink and canary yellow hue everywhere I went!

Well, it’s time for a PSA. Millennial Pink is now being replaced by Melodramatic Purple. Yes, you got that right. Us youngsters have now decided on a new colour to reflect our generation’s mood.

While this hue did try to take over briefly last year, it is slowly but surely coming back up – and for good. Neon already had its moment. Melodramatic Purple is back, and it’s taking over.

It’s the colour that makes us feel a plethora of emotions – both sad and happy, at the same time. Who knew that was possible? (Clearly, Millenials, that’s who!) This colour also manages to mix youthfulness with sophistication, much like it’s predecessor, the ever-famous Millennial Pink.

Purple is now truly the new ‘it’ colour, showing up pretty much everywhere. Oh, and it isn’t some run-of-the-mill rich plum. Nope. The shade is a light, lilac purple, the perfect moody representation our generation needs.

What’s your take on Melodramatic Purple? Do you think this takeover will last, or will another colour reign supreme? Let me know in the comments below!


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Makeup geek, writer, and musician from New Delhi, India. Pretty much in a constant mood of casual existential despair, but hey, I’m trying to make the best of it x

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