Review: Roumèr Cosmetics 3D Silk Eyelashes in ‘Vanessa’

So recently, I’ve been trying to make an effort to research and explore products from indie cosmetic brands. While international consumers in the US and UK have a multitude of options to explore and pick from, there really haven’t been very many in the Indian market, and I’ve suddenly noticed quite a few coming up and really making a statement. One such brand is Roumèr Cosmetics, and I recently purchased a pair of lashes from them to review!

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Beauty Through the Ages: Classical Greek Period

Hair and makeup is not just an accentuating element of fashion, it is fashion. Just like clothing trends, there have been a multitude of hair and makeup trends through the ages. So, let’s have a look at the Classical Greek Period!

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Checking into Makeup Rehab

Makeup addiction has become a real phenomenon. It really is time to separate the wants from the needs as a whole, and step back and take a good look at everything you own.

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